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TRIK Controller

Designed by a strong team of engineers, researchers, and teachers
контроллер ТРИК
TRIK Controller combines the power of modern electronics and the reliability of proven solutions. It can simultaneously solve the problems of audio and video processing, path-planning and navigation, and speech synthesis. TRIK Controller provides control of up to 6 servos and 4 DC motors, collecting data from analog and digital sensors (up to 8 + built-in gyroscope and accelerometer), and information exchange between robots over a wireless connection.

The controller is compatible with a wide range of popular peripheral devices. It incorporates all necessary equipment to control 12V DC motors, provides i2c, UART, USB ports, as well as two ports for video modules and two ports for audio devices. TRIK controller is equipped with a color touch display and programmable buttons, it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (including LE), and ANT. The controller also has the built-in protection against overcurrent and deep discharge of the battery.

TRIK controller supports programming in different high-level languages: JavaScript, Python, C#, and Java/Kotlin. For beginners without experience in programming, we developed TRIK Studio environment with visual programming.

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