TRIK controller

Developed by a team of experienced engineers specially for robotics.

Explore the future with us.
TRIK controller
Developed by a team of experienced engineers specially for robotics.

Explore the future with us.

About TRIK

TRIK robotics kit is designed for education through creative work and provides all necessary equipment for creating the first ever robot as well as for developing the advanced system that can hear, see, speak and interact with other robots. The kit includes a cutting edge robotics controller TRIK, motors, sensors, metal constructor, fasteners and wheels.

Our product line allows to choose a perfect kit for any age:

  • TRIK "Story" for children in pre-primary and primary school.
  • TRIK "Laboratory" for DIY, physics and programming classes.
  • TRIK "Beginner" and TRIK "School" for after-school classes and creative projects.
We developed a free programming environment "TRIK Studio" for coding the robots. For teachers we prepared methodological materials and organized online-support.
TRIK controller
Controller TRIK combines the power of modern electronics and the reliability of proven solutions. It is able to simultaneously solve the problems of audio and video processing, path-planning and navigation, speech synthesis. Controller TRIK provides control of the servos and motors, collecting data from analog and digital sensors, an information exchanging between robots over a wireless connection.
The controller is compatible with a wide range of peripheral devices. It incorporates all necessary equipment to control the DC motors and servos and also to receive and process information from digital and analog sensors, microphones, video modules. The controller is equipped with a color touch display, programmable buttons, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (including LE) and ANT. Built-in protection against overcurrent and deep discharge of the battery is provided.
The controller supports programming in different high-level languages: JavaScript, Python, C# and Java/Kotlin. For the beginners without experience in programming TRIK Studio environment with visual programming was developed.

TRIK Studio

TRIK Studio is a development environment that allows programming robots using either simple visual diagrams or professional high-level programming languages (JavaScript, Python, C#, Java/Kotlin). With TRIK Studio programming becomes easy and exciting.

A distinctive feature of TRIK Studio is an interactive simulation mode. No real robot is required to immerse yourself into the world of cybernetics.

TRIK Studio works great as a universal software to teach programming. It provides a smooth transition from diagrams to textual languages. TRIK Studio also has a built-in checker for homework assignments and can be used in custom online courses on programming and robotics.

The environment also supports programming of other robotics kits: quadcopters GEOSCAN PIONEER, LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0 and EV3 robots.

Download TRIK Studio

TRIK Gamepad

Gamepad controller for educational robotics models built with TRIK robotics kit
TRIK Gamepad, пульт управления ТРИК


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